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Optimal logistics and the use of cutting-edge IT, in combination with national and international specialised freight carriers, ensure that goods are provided as quickly as possible in the best possible packaging. Here our employees in logistics are at work for you around the clock.

Large storage

Our procurement proceeds from the manufacturer’s factories, from national and international partners. We keep frequently needed spare parts ready for you in our 6000 m2 warehouse.

Minimal transport costs

In shipping we optimise transport costs through combining them into a sensible shipping volume. Your advantage consists in the logistical combination of the various brands in your order.

Quick dispatch

Usually transport is done via express services, lorry, rail or ship. Rapid shipments can be realised with the help of international air freight carriers.

Special packaging

Thanks to the development of specialised packaging by our shipping department, we guarantee that the goods will be delivered undamaged. These specially adapted packages stand out significantly from conventional standard packaging.


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