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Brechmann has been supplying new spare parts for cars and utility vehicles for more than 40 years. Our core competence lies in world-wide delivery, rapid and cost-efficient supply to importers and large customers.

A total of more than 80 employees work in customer service, administration, warehousing, logistics and procurement to ensure your satisfaction. Your advantage in the partnership with us consists in the “All from one source” concept. For different brands you have a single contact person! Furthermore there are advantages not only in administration and price setting, but also in logistics and speed.

Brechmann is owner-operated and has connections with customers and suppliers from more than 100 countries, all over the world. Our customer service is staffed internationally. Our world-wide customer base consists of importers, major parts dealers, re-sellers and large workshops.


  • Since January 2019 exclusive distributor for Prexaparts
  • World-wide sales in more than 100 countries
  • Immediate access to more than 15,000,000 articles
  • Warehouse of over 7,000 sqm
  • Warehouse exclusively for glass
  • Provider of original parts for more than 30 automobile makers
  • Sale of original parts for leading new vehicle manufacturers
  • More than 80 employees 
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)
  • Owner-operated family-owned business

In February 2019, we put our new 1600 m² dispatch hall into operation. The area is easily accessible for trucks and offers 3 loading ramps. 

The new and ultramodern shelves with 16 conveyor lines allow a capacity of around 16 truckloads. Because of the automatic reloading of packing stations with pallets, a whole truck can be loaded within 20 minutes. This quick completion saves time and money for forwarding agents.

Due to the commissioning of our dispatch hall the flow of goods has been improved. Shorter transportation routes allow stabilization of the process and save time. The constant labelling of goods supports an accurate execution of your order. 

Moreover, the extension of our office building will be completed in August 2019. It will provide 360m² more office space for our employees. Therefore, we use an area of more than 7000m² for a quick and efficient completion of your order.

With the opening of our new warehouse for glass, we have created 1800 sqm additional for original glass and accessories. 

With approx. 5000 windshields at stock, we offer demand-oriented storage. Customized packaging solutions, specially trained staff and individual labeling for Eurocodes, locations etc. are a matter of course for us.  

With the opening of new markets we now have customers and suppliers in more than 100 countries world-wide.

For our planned expansion and in order to open up new options, we purchased an additional warehouse with an area of more than 1,800 sqm in close proximity. The total area is now over 4,800 sqm.

Brechmann Handels GmbH & Co. KG continues to expand rapidly and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2007 moving into a new company building. The subsequent take-over of the neighbouring building made it possible to gain another 800 sqm that are used today as the shipping centre. And with this move, the company far exceeded 75 employees.

To maintain customer satisfaction, we introduced three-shift, round-the-clock operations in the warehouse. With the connection to manufacturer’s factories, this assured just-in-time-supply to customers, which brought with it strong expansion in the following years. Likewise the number of employees then increased continuously through 2006 to 75. Brechmann Handels GmbH now had 8 brands in the product portfolio.

Over the past few years, the company also formed some corporate participations in replacement part companies in the USA, the Netherlands and most recently in Bulgaria.

The gate to the east was opened up with the first delivery to Russia and we were able to gain additional customers in this region in a very short time. 

Over the years the offices became much too small and a second relocation into a new, and at the time much too large, company building was realised. The largest part of the property housed other companies which moved out in the course of the following years and offered repeated new opportunities for business expansion. Parallel to the transactions in replacement parts, a re-import business for vehicles form the Canary Islands and also from Bulgaria was established at the end of the 1990s, which ran approximately 5 to 6 years. Import numbers of around 1,500 automobiles resulted solely from contacts in the replacement part industry.  

At the time of the relocation in 1994 there were 4 employees.

In addition, other brands such as Mercedes and BMW were added to the product portfolio. Deliveries since then went to other European countries along with Spain, the Canary Islands and the USA.

Once the Danish market was exhausted, there was the opportunity, thanks to information from a supplier, to supply a large consumer in the Netherlands using the same system. At the same time, a supply contract was concluded during the first sales discussion, which is still current today. As a result we had to purchase our first truck and hire  a driver.  

Since the transactions had been organised from an apartment through to that date, relocation into a building with a small warehouse was necessary. The number of employees was increased to 4. Since then additional customers have been supplied in Belgium and to the Azores. Additional deliveries to other countries were done through exporters in German  ports.

In 1980 it was necessary to purchase a large-capacity trailer with a volume of 20 cbm and soon, 2 routes per week were needed which made an additional trailer necessary (four-wheel drive vehicle with large capacity trailer). The 2nd weekly route was then completed by hired drivers since Werner Brechmann simply couldn’t do it all by himself anymore. A driver from the early years was still working in the company till she gained pension.

One of the customers from that time in Denmark is still an important customer today with the same purchaser.

On October 23rd, 1979, the first shipment was delivered personally by Werner Brechmann in a camper van with a trailer. The bill for more than 600 items was very painstakingly drafted with a portable type writer, sorted by customs numbers, in 2 days. These and later orders were issued via telephone or through express letter.
As it turned out, German prices were very competitive on the Danish market, Werner Brechmann sought out another VW-dealer in Denmark, who lost their contracts at the same time or later. After around a year, there were already 4 major customers in Denmark who ordered regularly so that weekly delivery routes with the camper van became necessary.

In mid-1979, a VW dealer lost his contract in Denmark and was looking for a supply source for VW/Audi-replacement parts.

Werner Brechmann learned that this company was looking for a supply source and an organiser, since importing parts from abroad was very complicated business due to the borders that still existed then. 

Since Werner Brechmann saw a good commercial opportunity as a businessman in an industry business about which he had no knowledge at the  time, he concluded a verbal supply contract with this Danish company, including the procurement and pre-financing of the replacement parts and the necessary transportation and handling customs.

Brechmann worldwide

Today the Brechmann company is active in more than 100 countries. You will find your appropriate contact through our [overview of all contacts worldwide].

Brechmann worldwide

Operating as an international oriented company Brechmann Handels GmbH & Co. KG is active in more than 100 countries. Here you will find an overview about the markets, in which our customers and suppliers are located.


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Optimal logistics and the use of cutting-edge IT ensure that goods are provided as quickly as possible in the best possible packaging.


Today the Brechmann company is active in more than 100 countries. You will find your personal contact in the overview.

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